Top 10 Brands on AliExpress

 Top 10 Brands on AliExpress

The Top Brands stores on AliExpress are the most popular stores on the site. When you shop at these stores, you are either buying directly from the brand itself or an authorized reseller. You can view this top brands through this link.

AliExpress Top Brands

You can simply identify these stores while browsing an Express website or app by appearing this distinctive sign on it.

These stores are categorized based on several factors, including:
China's best
  • Be the first to get your hands on China's leading brands
Top quality
  • Shop items that are known for their high quality
High ratings
  • Check the reviews and see for yourself why everyone loves these brands
Great service
  • Get the best warranties and excellent after-sales service

We have chosen for you 10 of the best of these brands, we will present them in the following summary, and we will address some of their most famous products in later articles.


A store specializing in earbuds, smart device chargers, USB cables, computer accessories, and car accessories.


2- Simplee

Women fashion store with a vast verity, offering various discount coupons depending on the purchase.

Simplee store


A store specializing in all kinds of glasses, includes frames, optic lens, the store offering discounts of up to 50% on some glasses.

MERRY’S store


This brand specializes in children's clothing, It includes a vast variety of clothes and shoes, suitable for all children, the store GLEARANCE the lowest the moment in a year on September 23, with discounts of up to 70%.


5- Bluedio

Bluedio is a professional audio device company who combine developing, manufacturing and marketing, with over 20 years in this field. Bluedio store on AliExpress includes wide range of Consumer Electronics, Earphones & Headphones, Phone Earphones & Headphones, Bluetooth Earphones & Headphones. 

Bluedio Store


China's premier sports brand. Named for and founded by, world class gymnast, Mr. Li Ning. Established in 1990. shoes are designed with the latest in comfort technology. Li ning is a registered brand in USA.



SUNMEIYI is a future oriented enterprise, specializing in chandeliers, crystals, and stunning lighting systems for luxury homes, ordinary homes and restaurants. the store introduce huge variety of Ceiling Lights, LED Strip Lighting, Table Lamps & much more.



Xiaomi, a global company producing quality products at honest pricing. the store includes Xiaomi phones and accessories including Redmi Note 9T✓Mi 10T Pro✓Mi 10T and more products.  



Livolo is known around the world as a leader in smart home devices that include electric switches and sockets, the Livolo on AliExpress sells Touch Switches, Livolo Touch Schakelaar, Touch Light Switches, Dimmer Switches, Remote Controlled Touch Switches, Interrupteur ,Livolo Interruptor and more.


10- Frap

A store specializing in high quality water mixers, including stunning models.

 Frap Store

You can find more brands on this link.

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